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Nordic Nights: 12 Glorious Hotels in Sweden

  • Saturday, 11 June 2011
  • Nadish Hussain

  • From the pristine northern forests to bustling streets of Stockholm, Sweden has a lot to offer - and plenty of cool, unusual and visually stunning place to stay while you visit. In fact, when a chic hotel with a lively art glass and painfully hip bars break with the local patrons are not cool enough for you, you can literally sleep on the ice in the largest ice hotel in the world. These 12 items from the simple cabin in the woods to luxury hotels in historic buildings. 

    ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjärvi 
    (Images by: 

    Sweden is home to the largest hotels in the world made of snow and ice. ICEHOTEL started with a needle and now has 80 rooms, all made from more than 10,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow. Runs from mid-December to mid-April, the hotel re-done and re-designed every year, with a unique 'art suites, world-famous Absolut Ice Bar, restaurant and even the ice chapel. 

    TreeHotel, Harads 
    (Images by: 

    Stay in the beautiful "Mirrorcube", which reflects the surrounding woods, oversized bird nest, resembling a UFO or a spacious lounge on Treehotel, high new holiday Sweden in unspoiled natural areas Harads. Each of the six guest rooms Treehotel sit in trees for unforgettable views, and they all have private bathrooms with toilets for incineration. (Good point: Mirrorcube been specially treated to avoid a collision of birds!) 

    Nobis Hotel, Stockholm 
    (Images by: 

    Taking visual inspiration from the Swedish winter landscape, fresh and elegant Nobis Hotel is not just a place to sleep - this is called "living in Stockholm, with local residents flock to the cool, modern bar and Southern Italian-style bistro. Situated in a couple of historical buildings of 19 th century, 201 -room Hotel is within walking distance of Stockholm's best shopping and sightseeing. 

    Silvermine Suite, Salo 
    (Images by: Erick Anderson on 

    In Salo Silvermine in Sweden, you can navigate dark winding underground passageways to your own cave. Silvermine Suite is 155 meters below ground in one of the world's best-preserved historic mines, which once produced more than 3 tons of silver annually. For travelers who are not claustrophobic and do not mind the cold, it definitely could be some time in the life-experience. 

    History Hotel, Stockholm 
    (Images by: 

    Bohemian chic story hotel is a favorite of stylish residents, combining modern glamor with a welcoming sense of comfort is enhanced a lot of purple velvet. Clean, bright new elements in combination with strategically found the remains of former life the building as a private house, including antique wallpaper, ghost of electricity and reclaimed doors backs. Offering 82 rooms at affordable prices, the story hotel is ideally situated in the heart of the city.

    Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge, Skinnskatteberg 
    (Images by: 

    Situated in a picturesque meadow near Lake Skärsjön, Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge is the most primitive hotel in Sweden, offering twelve free electricity "nature of the hut," that put you as close as possible to the Swedish landscape as you can get without actually camping. You will sleep on a soft sheepskin to light the candles and the crackling fire warming, and enjoy the open air breakfast when you wake up in the morning. Part of the proceeds from your stay will be used to protect wildlife area. 

    Nordic Light Hotel, Stockholm 
    (Images by: 

    Leading Boutique Hotel Voted Sweden two years in a row, Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm burstling face more soothing to eyes weary travelers. Carefully chosen accent colors and lighting, we invite you to rest rooms, inspired by the long sunrises and sunsets in the region, which produce glow colors of the rainbow. 175 rooms are divided into three categories - "standard" for those who are not fond of dramatic lighting effects, the "higher" for a little more character and luxury for a truly unique, almost otherwordly experience. 

    Utter Inn, Lake Mälaren 
    (Images by: 

    It looks almost like a joke - could you really stay in the space that small, the size of a barn? But full Inn more than it seems - its second floor is under water. Floating in the middle of Lake Mälaren, full Inn features two twin beds and a desk in the bedroom and kitchenette in the upstairs room. Go directly the hotel deck into the water, or just watch the fish from the window in the bedroom. 

    Salt and Sill floating hotel, Klädesholmen 
    (Image by: 

    As the lake idea, but want something a little more than usual? Sweden, the other a floating hotel, salt and window sills, minimalist 23-room barge, which also serves as a first-class seafood restaurant specializing in herring and fresh local produce. All 23 rooms have their own place to relax outdoors, but the only luxury hotel is particularly attractive advantages: private rooftop Jacuzzi. The hotel's location on the lake, among other things, it's not a gimmick: the adjacent land simply was not any room. 

    Jumbo Hostel Hotel aircraft, Stockholm 
    (Images by: 

    Dazed 747-200 has a new life as a unique new hostel in Stockholm. Upgraded with 25 rooms, from the Quad dormitories with bunk beds for private apartments, Jumbo Hostel kept the original bar and first class seats, and some lucky visitors get to sleep in the cabin, which has its own bathroom. 

    Costa hog Art Hotel, Småland 
    (Images by: Costa hog Art Hotel) 

    Located in the heart of Smaland in the "Kingdom of Crystal", where in 1913 a glass factory, looking forward to Costa hog Art Hotel is a brilliant showcase of glass art from the famous Costa hog. Each of the 124 rooms has been individually designed by glass artists, and their influence is particularly noticeable in the hotel bar and a spa, where swimmers can wear glasses to see the exhibition of glass at the bottom of the pool. Sit in a restaurant, and you can even watch glassblowers blow Costa hog and glue the glass on the stage. 

    Scandic Malmen, Stockholm 
    (Images by: 

    Entertainment and Budget, 327-room Scandic Malmen is within walking distance of some of the best live music in the heart of Stockholm's trendy SoFo. A massive, block, unremarkable exterior gives way to interior design that matches the location of the hotel hipness. The hotel restaurant is a popular choice among locals for brunch.
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    13 Fantastic and Relaxing Hotels in Singapur

  • Friday, 10 June 2011
  • Nadish Hussain
  • Springing a lush British colony a bustling commercial city-state independent, that is, small-scale Asia like Singapore, where you can experience different cultural influences that have melded into the all clear. This 13 hotels illustrate the cultural richness of Singapore, to hip and modern city hotel renovated historic gems traditional getaways and retreats in rainforest.
    Marina Bay Sands
    (Images via:

    Although it opened only last year, Marina Bay Sands has become one of Singapore's icon with a more distinctive silhouettes of architecture. $ 4 billion resort to infinity swimming pool located 55 stories above Marina Bay, three times the length of the Olympic swimming pool, which is nestled in the ship, formed «Sky Garden", which spans three towers at the hotel.
    Capella Hotel
    (Images via:
    Nestled on 30 acre property within the lush rainforests of Sentosa Island, the luxurious (and PET-friendly!) Five-star Capella hotel has three outdoor pools and is located steps from Tanjong enlarge Close to the heart of Singapore and the Thian hock Keng Temple, Capella is a brilliant way to experience the wild, natural side of Singapore's urban side than on duty. Hotel, designed by Foster + Partners, adds curving modern colonial buildings of historical structures, including two bungalows dating back to 1880s.
    New majestic hotel
    (Images via: and the beautiful Chinatown, a new glorious gallery of local art practice, 30 rooms, including 9 rooms, decorated by some individual Singapore's most significant artists and creatives. For example, «Wayang 'room, designed by theater director Glen Goel, features walls upholstered in burgundy silk inspired by the film Raise the red lantern. In another room, 'Fluid', takes a more contemporary tack with fashion designer Wykidd song embracing white minimalism.
    Quincy Hotel
    (Images via: by Ong & Ong in, Quincy Hotel is all inclusive business and leisure boutique hotel with 108 rooms a little different. Long and narrow to fit inside the unusually shaped parcel of land, Quincy has a distinctive anodized steel front punctuated with modular windows, a design motif that continues inside with creative lighting. A glass-enclosed swimming pool cantilevered - 12 Floor, hatkanshvum a pool deck illuminated color changing LED lights provide a cool and unusual way to experience the Singapore skyline.
    Gallery Hotel
    (Images via: Hotel terms of his' art-centric ", hence the name. A four-star boutique hotel is located right in the center, gallery, while the pluralistic front, including randomly placed, color, ringed windows, giving the Pop Art influence. Inside, it's just as bright and artistic, colorful lighting and many large murals. One interesting feature is a gallery of all women in the guest floors, where the men are not allowed - not even staff.

    The Club »Hotel
    (Images via: through the threshold of this pure white colonial building in Singapore, Club Street, in the field of protection of bold and graphic boutique hotel that is easy through the eyes of a palette of black and white. Folds of white fabric buffer lights in common areas, and black graphics liven up huge expanses of white wall. The Club »Hotel has 22 distinctly unique guest rooms, a roof skybar with alfresco deck and tapas bar on the floor.

    Merlion Pop-Up »Hotel for the Biennale 2011
    (Images via: luxuo)Singapore's iconic 'Merlion »- mass public statue with the head of a lion and a fish body has been turned into a temporary pop-up hotel Singapore Biennale 2011, the largest contemporary art collected in South Asia. Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi encased statue of the little hotel, which should be available for overnight stay before May 15 and will be disassembled on June 6.

    Hotel Location
    (Images via: floor of Retro-themed hotel Re has its own bold color assigned, and guest rooms reflects the iconic pop culture of 1960 and '70s, including `silhouetted wall murals of Marilyn Monroe and John Travolta. There are definitely a disco vibe going with all the reflective surfaces, funky fonts and hot pink lighting. Re hotel has 140 rooms and 12 stories, located on the base of Pearl's Hill Construction Swee along the road.

    Wanderlust Hotel
    (Image via design boom)Celebrated as one of the world's most interesting art hotels, the wanderlust is in the historic school building in 1920 and retain the original front, but step inside and it is, how do you move to another world. Each four-story boutique hotel of 29 rooms is unique decorated including floor rooms with bright neon lights spelling out the walls of song titles with colors in them, such as Weezer-the 'Pink Triangle "and The Beatles'' Yellow submarine; Other levels of childhood fantasy feel with treehouse-themed rooms, and even space-themed rooms starry ceiling.
    Scarlet Hotel
    (Images via: scarlet 121-room Hotel, housed in pre-war shophouse in Chinatown and was called the Luxury Travel Magazine as one of the world's best 5-star city hotel. Decked out of rich reds, gold and platinum, talking luxury hotel and luxury in a way that sometimes maybe a bit more in Top ($ 30,000 beds?) And Decor calls to mind Singapore's colonial past, but it is injected with a very modern details keep it fresh.
    Naumi Hotel
    (Images via: soothing contemporary art and some more spacious hotel rooms in the Naumi Hotel is a place of rest and retreat. During this 40-room boutique hotel in Singapore Central Business has a roof swimming pool, restaurant, yoga / fitness studio and a whole floor for women only rooms. His origami-inspired front, which includes vertical vegetation, definitely stands out among colonial shophouses in Seah Street.
    Klapsons boutique Hotel
    (Images via: design hotel aimed at the business district has only 17 rooms with subtly futuristic flavor including a number of plexiglass and bright colors. The lobby, a giant reflective dome holds a reception desk and guest rooms, although all different, each open room with a bathtub with cylindrical glass shower. Klapsons includes alfresco bar and lounge, as well as on the first floor restaurant serving Western cuisine.

    The Raffles Hotel
    (Images via: you want a traditional Singapore luxury, there is no better place than Raffles, one of the world's most extensive hotel with a history dating back to 1887. Occupied by the Japanese during World War II and used as a transit camp for prisoners of war, the hotel was declared national monument in 1987, and the large-scale makeover, that restored it to its former glory. That Raffles all suite hotel with restaurants and lounges, a luxury shopping Arcade, full service spa, the 66-foot rooftop lap pool and 388 people victorian theater.

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    15 Spectacular Hotels From Madrid To Barcelona

  • Tuesday, 7 June 2011
  • Nadish Hussain

  • Lounge on the beaches of Barcelona, ​​partying in Ibiza, sample fine wines in the country of La Rioja and the rest among the beautiful people in Madrid - Spain's vibrant nation a lot to offer, not least of which is a terrific selection of stylish design hotels. 
    The 15 accommodations are among the most modern and visually attractive hotels in Spain's most popular destinations, with a low budget hostels in the ultra-exclusive celebrity hangouts.
    Barcelo Raval, Barcelona 
    (Images by: 

    Four-star hotel with affordable rates, Barcelo Raval is most notable for its excellent conversion in 2009, who again started it as one of the most stylish places in Barcelona to stay. This luxurious, this woman is full of stunning detail how the massive group of dangling cylindrical light in the lobby (a tribute to the distinctive elliptical shape of the building). Bright, colorful and very modern, Barcelo Raval located in time-gritty, now more and more fashionable district of Barro Chino. 

    Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, Ibiza Island 
    (Images by: 

    Venture from the mainland to the island of Ibiza, and it's almost as if you're in a totally different country - a country where the raison d'être is a brilliant all-night parties and lounging on some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. While you're there you can check out the brand-spanking-new Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, an exclusive adults-only party to hotel, situated on the white sands of Playa d'EN Bossa beach in front of one of the most famous clubs in the island space. This glamorous hotel 236-room there are three restaurants, a lot of VIP benefits, DJs spinning day and night, aromatherapy menu in the room and even swim up rooms, located along the man-made "river" that meanders through the gardens. 

    Hotel Vincci Soho, Madrid
    (Images by: 

    Quiet 4-star hotel in the historic district of Madrid, the Hotel Vincci Soho is a modern hotel located just steps from the museums of the triangle. The hotel consists of five buildings, all cultural heritage sites, repair and merged into the open interior space with plenty of balconies and terraces offer stunning views over the city. 

    Hotel Marques de Riscal, Elciego
    (Images by: 

    Designed by world renowned architect Frank Gehry, Hotel Marques de Riscal can be found in the countryside of Spain in the heart of the country's wines Rioja, about two hours from Bilbao. This ultra-exclusive luxury boutique hotel has just 14 rooms and, at least in terms of price per square foot, one of the most expensive hotels ever built.Gehry's titanium raises the roof perfectly contrasts with the more traditional architecture of the winery. Marques de Riscal estate is one of the oldest and most respected producers of Spanish wines Rioja, even if you can not stay here, visit the winery will be worth the effort. 

    Hotel Omm, Barcelona
    (Images by: 

    Omm Hotel offers stylish decor and a world-class Catalan cuisine in the area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Passeig de Gracia, with individually decorated rooms, playful modern façade and a lot of sunlight. It is the modern way is a charming and accessible, complete neutral tones and clean, straight lines. On the same street in two of the most famous buildings of Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona, ​​La Pedrera and Casa Battlo, Hotel Omm rooftop terrace with pool and bar, ideal for looking at the iconic architecture of the area. 

    Hotel Viura, Villabuena-de Alava
    (Images by: 

    Stark prominent among the more traditional architecture of the surrounding villages, the hotel Viura is bold and whimsical, with places Rioja country, that super-convenient for those wines that love of travel. With 13 standard rooms, 13 suites, 7 suites and a restaurant focusing on fresh, organic food, hotel Viura emphasizes self-contained, luxury holiday. 

    Hotel Puerta America, Madrid
    (Images by: 

    Hotel Puerta America, a new design hotel in Madrid, is already known for its artsy interior design: "You know that the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid is something special before you even walk in the door. External enclosed in a colorful envelope printed with a poem" Svoboda Paul Ellard. But this is nothing compared to the showcase of international design talent inside. Each of the 12 floors of this new boutique hotel was designed by one of the world's most sought-after architects, including Hadid, Zakharenko, David Chyperfild, normal Foster and Jean Nouvel. Increase from one floor to another, there are jarring shifts in color and mood, shifting from mono toned-down luxury Chyperfild on faceted stainless steel for the Italian luxury goods. sixth floor of the Mark News is practically a vampire with his red lacquer, white marble and black furniture, while Ron Arad occupies the seventh floor to the futuristic, almost space-like place with a curved white Corian. Interactivity, Japanese minimalism, industrial, cement, and a zebra striped walls Formica just a few of the other topics included in the eclectic mix. " 

    Casa Camper, Barcelona
    (Images by: 

    Camper makes cool and fancy shoes, but what they know about the hotels? Many, it turns out. Casa Camper, the new company's affordably priced hotels and restaurants, hip and environmentally friendly, with few unnecessary frills, but lots of thoughtful details that make life easier for travelers. 25 hotel rooms near Barcelona in El Raval, Casa Camper uses solar energy to heat water and the hotel serves up a healthy fast food "in the form of flavored rice balls that you eat while sitting on a giant set of concrete stairs outside through a wall of windows. Al-Rawa, traditionally poor area of ​​historic Barcelona, ​​a bit off the beaten path, but, says owner Miguel Fluxá, "We wanted to show visitors a different side of Barcelona, ​​it is not so obvious." 

    Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao
    (Images by: 

    Literally stood in the shadow of Frank Gehry designed Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Gran Hotel Domine basically had no choice but to be stunningly stylish.Cutting-edge yet seemingly complex easy, this luxurious 5-star hotel has 145 modern rooms and a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the museum and the city of Bilbao.His polished exterior stone and sloping glass windows provide a hint at some quaint style of the Interior, including the massive stone towers, which reach from the lobby to the glass roof atrium. 

    Rooms Deluxe Hostel, Valencia
    (Images by: 

    Spain - as the rest of the world - full of inspiration hostels, which provide no more than a roof over your head the budget traveler. Rooms Deluxe Hostel in Valencia is not one of those places. This hostel is "designer" still offers nothing to beds and rooms, but does so in style of the 28 themed rooms designed by local artists. It has Wi-Fi and - a bonus in the world of hostels - air conditioning. Best of all, it's located directly opposite the City of Arts and Sciences, midway between the historic city of Valencia and the beach. 

    Hotel Room Mate Oscar, Madrid
    (Images by: 

    Who said that good design is only for beautiful people? Hotel Room Mate "Oscar" in Madrid, within budget and on average traveler, but do not skimp on the bold and dramatic elections in the interior. Its 75 individually decorated rooms, fun, bright and surprisingly often resolve themselves "Wow, this is wild" territory. The breakfast room is so gorgeous it could also be a nightclub and the hotel also has a popular rooftop swimming pool. 

    Hotel W, Barcelona
    (Photos by: 

    You can not miss the sail shape W Hotel in the port of Barcelona, ​​soaring 26-storey building, which is perpendicular to the pier to give almost all 473 rooms scenic views of the city and the sea. From a rooftop bar, lots of open terraces and a swimming pool right on the shores of the Mediterranean, W is unprecedented manner seaside experience Barcelona. This 25-minute walk from Las Ramblas, making it the best choice for experienced travelers Barcelona or those who want to stay on the beach, but not obsessed with attracting first time visitors. 

    Hospes, Madrid
    (Images by: 

    Peace and relaxation of the main topics at the Hospes Madrid, 41-room 5-star hotel near the Parque del Retiro, a large park in the city center. Soothing color palette of white, beige and gray accented with soft shades of purple, lilac and coral enhance a calming effect throughout the standard and deluxe rooms, junior suites and seductive Grand Suite. Guests can enjoy a tapas bar, a restaurant specializing in natural and healthy food, "Chill Out Patio and indoor pool. 

    Hotel Arts Barcelona
    (Images by: 

    Tower above almost everything else in Barcelona, ​​if you stay at the Hotel Arts, located right on the beach of Barceloneta in one of the 44-story towers of the Olympic Villa.Hotel Arts, managed by Ritz-Carlton Company, has 438 rooms including 32 'club', 44 suites and 28 luxury apartments, club level, guests will receive exclusive access to a private lounge. Outside the busiest parts of the city, Hotel Arts is a quiet way to get acquainted with a very bright and active city. 

    Hospes Palacio de los Patos, Granada
    (Images by: 

    19-century palace in one of the most beautiful historic cities in Spain has been given new life as a chic, contemporary hotel, Hospes Palacio de los Patos. After the Roman fortress city of Granada is best known for its Moorish influences and retains a romantic and a totally unique feeling that has been translated into all 42 rooms. Muted tones of gold, silver and champagne colors echo the city outside and somehow managed to tie together the history of the building and its modern decor.
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    14 Strange Stylish & Amazing Hotels in Great Britain

  • Nadish Hussain

  • If your mental image and 'jolly old England "and the rest of the United Kingdom is mainly full of stuffy royals, sweet food and cow pastures, you are missing out on stunningly colorful, joyfully wacky big picture. In addition to its abundant, completely different points of interest and cultural traditions, the UK is packed pleasure, hip, stylish, and unusual places to stay, from freewheeling Gypsy camps to castles, which please the fans, a certain boy wizard. 15 hotels, bed & breakfasts and vacation rentals include the glitzy high-fashion boutique hotels, a goofy tourist traps and a few hidden gems.
    Mad Bear Hotel, Beaconsfield, England

    (Images via: 

    If more than in the upper allure and luxury is your bag, Crazy Bear Hotel chain, where you need to stay when visiting England. Fur-lined, gold-plated, torch-Laden rooms are only the beginning, others have a leather floors, mirror-tiled ceilings and tall brass bathtubs right next to bed. Some might say that the swim line between outrageously nice and showy, but they are certainly a unique experience. That Beaconsfield is unapologetically wild place is very conservative town, which is located in a modest 15th century building in a 60-acre farm 20 minutes for the city of Oxford and 45 minutes in London.
    The Pavilion, Hyde Park, London, England
    (Images via: 

    Describing him as "a fashion rock n 'roll hotel', Hyde Park, Pavilion no qualms boast of its many celebrity guests on its website, who included supermodels Karen Elson as groups like Duran Duran and Hollywood royalty like Leonardo DiCaprio. Even her out there for themed rooms, like Casablanca Nights and Honky Tonk Afro, the most surprising thing about this chic London hotel the price, which starts just under U.S. $ 100. Hotel belongs to a young brother-and-sister team who dreamed up all 30 rooms and rent them out regular high profile photo shoots.
    That spell the Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
    (Images via: 

    Received visions dancing in your head Hogwarts Although there are many old castles converted to hotels Great Britain, nor have interiors quite as magical as this is, respectively, after "spell" Edinburgh. Popular with celebrities and wildly demand and charm of the castle, and is famous for its richly decorated, theatrically baroque rooms, as his critically acclaimed restaurant. Book far in advance to enjoy one of the hotel, 8 guest rooms, which feature ornate fabrics, renaissance-style paintings, victorian baths, Fireplaces and even hidden rooms.
    La Rosa Gypsy Camp, Whitby, England
    (Images via: 

    If you are a free spirit with a sense of adventure, England-in you receive covered with a Gypsy caravan hotels, including 'La Rosa campsite Extraordinaire', where visitors can stay processed, irreparable houses like Gypsy wagons and circus tents Paying tribute beauty and environmental sensitivity of its setting, the North Yorkshire Moors »National Park, the camp is using only candles and fairy lights at night and has limited facilities such Composting Toilets and showers on the converted byre. "We want to hope that being green does not mean that you can not be Comfy have a laugh or eat chocolate cake, says the owners of their site.
    40 Winks, London, England
    (Images via: 

    Internationally acclaimed interior designer David Carter-house in London has long been fertile place for photo shoots, but Carter still feels, if this area, a 1717 Queen Anne townhouse was underutilized. So the designer decided to open two small guest rooms are used for photographers, stylists, art directors, designers, buyers, models and others, the entertainment industry, who need to access the crash site during the works in London. Such a boutique hotel without staff 40 Winks home away from home.
    Hotel Fronlas, Kardifum, Wales
    (Images via:
    Cute and modern, the hotel Fronlas in Brecon Beacons »in Kardifum National Park, Wales. Owners, Eva and Owain Huw are passionate about sustainability and have crafted their own boutique hotel, with careful thought for the environment, as well as aesthetics and comfort. Powered by 100% green electricity with solar panels that heat the water that Fronlas also has organic linens and fresh flowers, and serves local organic cuisine.
    George Hotel, Farnborough, England
    (Images via: 

    Constructed to form a propeller plane, the pilot of the hotel, which is located in the Tag Farnborough Airport, not kitsch but sleek, elegant and businesslike. The simplicity of design hotel, inspired by aircraft Aesthetics minimalist fittings in apartments, which cater mainly to corporate customers. Eschewing the tackiness, it can come to a 'theme, the pilot chooses subtle route with a very white and old photos, antique aircraft.
    Appleton Water Tower, Sandringham, Norfolk, England
    (Image via landmark trust. 

    Stay in a historic water tower that Appleton of Norfolk, which was built in 1877 with the foundation stone laid by Princess of Wales. You can have her room, including glass-walled terrace at the top, all of you, enjoying an open fire in Fireplaces. You can even bring your dog.
    Malmaison Oxford Prison Hotel at Castle, England
    (Images via: 

    For 125 years - as recently as 1996, guests at Oxford Castle were not there voluntarily. They were arrested. Today, travelers pay good money to spent the night locked between the walls. The Malmaison Oxford Castle hotel has transformed what was once a dingy prison a luxury boutique hotel filled with plush linens and fresh-cut flowers. The hotel has retained the names of different parts, including the «C Wing," where prisoners were once punished, "Governor's House" and "homes Correction".
    Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh, Scotland
    (Images via: 

    Hotel Missoni is that every bit as fashionable as you want to expect one of Europe's top design houses, and Missoni-the iconic patterns do not let you forget for a moment, who crafted the interiors. The hotel is located just outside the Old Royal mile city, and the doormen will be great you Missoni-designed kilts. City views from upper rooms are quite fun.
    Old Railway Station, Petworth West Sussex, England
    (Images via: 

    Will remain the coach or sleeping car restored historic station in the old station hotel West Sussex, England. Station house offers a spacious apartments with vaulted ceilings, and the carriage rooms are tad tighter, but just as charming.
    CitizenM, Glasgow, Scotland
    (Images via: 

    Guests love Glasgow affordable luxury CitizenM, that does not skimp on design details, but does not cost fortune, too. Hotel cut costs and made the construction easier and more environmentally friendly by prefabricating all guest rooms, which are futuristic feel. Red, black and white color scheme runs throughout the public areas, and large-scale works of art catch the eye in different rooms. And the spirit of 'belonging to the locals », CitizenM placed a large steel grate street-side, which holds the record grooves of the song, I belong to Glasgow.
    The lighthouse, Llandudno, Conwy, Wales
    (Image via beacon-llandudno, Wikipedia)

    Stunningly beautiful, the beacon hotel Llandudno offers a picture, for which Wales is famous - ancient stone structures, emerald grass and rocky cliffs overlooking the sea.The lighthouse was built in 1862 from limestone and the huge amount of Canadian pitch pine, and use up to 1985. Stay keeper's room, dramatic nautically-themed room pine paneling and the captain's wheel, or even more beautiful lamp room, which once occupied the fiber before removed. 

    House in the clouds, Thorpeness, Suffolk, England
    (Images via: 

    It is the epitome of a cozy English country style - up to tens of meters into the air.House of Representatives of the Clouds in a field once the old water tower, but remodeled in the vacation rental is like an ordinary farmhouse perched on top. With 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and high-ceilinged great room overlooking the Thorpeness golf, this rental is perfect for families and large groups.

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